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tough economic times, will be key. >> we hope we raise a lot of money. we know people are struggling, but as i say, cancer doesn't care and if we don't deal with the problem now, it's going to be a much bigger economic burden with the loss of lives 67. >> reporter: stand up to cancer airs on fox friday night. the news keeps coming. laura evans in tonight for brian for the news edge at 11:00. we are continuing to follow breaking news at this hour. a massive fire raging in a suburban san francisco neighborhood. firefighters say the flames have already destroyed several homes. fox 5's bob barnard is live in the newsroom monitoring the feed. what happened here? >> nobody seems to know for sure at this moment. is a massive fire raging for two -- it's a massive raging for two hours now in san bruno. we can show you live aerial
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pictures from the scene. its location has some believing it was caused by a plane crash, but the faa does not believe that's what this is. reports from the scene tell us this may be a natural gas explosion, those flames being fed from videotape a little while ago the intensity of these flames that they are being fed by a large gas line that services the airport. we're told the fire is consuming a residential neighborhood. some aerial views that are wider than others show a wide area in flames, at least a dozen homes on fire. first reports are telling us at least five people have been taken to area hospitals, three of them in credit can condition. you see helicopters there over- - critical condition. you see helicopters there overhead as well. no reports of any deaths, but officials are still trying to assess what's going on there, what's causing this huge fire. windy conditions are also hampering firefighting efforts. this is a neighborhood of homes in san bruno, california, just south of the city of san francisco up in flames.
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the full extent of the story there still unfolding. >> incredible pictures coming out of that area. we know you'll let us know of any new developments. new tonight at 11:00 shocking details revealed in a lawsuit. a special education student claims a d.c. teacher got her pregnant, but that's not all. the suit also blames the city's school system. fox 5's roby chavez working this one tonight. >> paternity tests indicate the girl's teacher is indeed the father. the lawsuit says other staff at the school saw teacher and the student in the classroom during the lunch period with the lights off, but nothing was ever done. the lawsuit also goes after the school system and says robert weiss miller the teacher has a history of sex with students. the alarming charges are in this lawsuit, a special education student at the transition academy at chad said her d.c. schools teacher got her pregnant and even had sex with her in his classroom, his car and at her home.
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tests show he's definitely the father. >> it disgrace is an understatement. >> reporter: attorneys for the girl say the school's own investigation determined no misconduct. >> it's a horrible story and it's almost the first day of class your teacher who you're supposed to be putting your trust in comes up to you and tells you how beautiful you are and how he'd like to marry you if he wasn't married and he drives you home within a short time of that and has sex with you in the back of his car. >> reporter: the suit filed monday alleges the sexual relationship lasted five months starting back in 2008. the girl became pregnant and now has a baby. the suit alleges staff at the school knew about the ongoing sexual relationship. >> the school could have done something constructive once it felt it had to launch its own investigation and yet throughout all of this people sat on their hands and basically watched this happen and did absolutely nothing.
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>> reporter: the lawsuit is not just against a 53-year-old teacher robert weiss miller. attorneys say the school system was negligent, specifically naming chancellor michelle ree and offers stinging criticism. >> this man was basically given free reign like setting a lion loose in the forest and part of ouwith d.c. is they didn't intercede and they still haven't done a thing. >> reporter: attorneys hope the lawsuit protects this student and others who are preyed upon by teachers. >> it's hard enough for students to come forward in these situations. when you come forward and you're consistently rebuffed and nobody will help you, it's unimaginable. it's your worst nightmare. >> reporter: weiss miller was eventually let go from the school but not for his alleged relationship with the student. attorneys say he was one of the 266 teachers let go last
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october during those budget cuts. you might remember michelle reese said one of those who she let go had sex with a student. tonight dcts is not commenting. the attorney general said the woman was 18 at the time of this and she was of age. however, based on her association with the school at the time as a student, the city will review this case according to nichols. >> thank you. 24 hours ago this was the scene in adams morgan. a car jumped the curb, hit two women, ran right into that d.c. restaurant. tonight police say the drive was drunk and way over the legal limit -- the driver was drunk and way over the legal limit. fox 5's wisdom martin has an update. >> reporter: while the car is gone, the mess remains behind in front of the restaurant. as far as the two victims hit by the car remain in the hospital fighting for their lives. the driver faces some very serious charges of driving while intoxicated and aggravated assault. according to charging
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documents, chamica adams was intoxicated when she hit julie backliner, a student at johns is hopkins school for advanced international studies in washington d.c. and melissa basque before crashing into a restaurant. her blood alcohol content was .18, over two time the legal limit. 23-year-old adams seen in handcuffs here was driving a 2007 dodge charger southbound on 18th street when she hit two women standing on a traffic island. police say adams continued across florida avenue, jumped the curb, hit a tree and ended up inside the front of the karen restaurant. ben mooley's restaurant is right next-door. >> i came out through the door. i saw the big white car inside there. then the restaurant next-door, which is karen's store, and there are two bodies lying down here. >> reporter: adams was not hurt, but police say one of the pedestrians suffered a broken pelvis, fractured skull and serious head trauma.
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the second pedestrian sustained fractures to her face, a broken leg and bleeding on the brain. both victims who were in their 20s were on the ground in front of mooley's restaurant. >> i'm not going to sit outside anymore like i usually do and i'll be scared to -- when a car is passing or a lot of noise, i'll be traumatized. >> reporter: a judge ordered adams into the high intensity supervision program. she will have a curfew and not be allowed to drive. adams has no prior record. in addition to a judge ordering her not to drive, she is also ordered not to have any alcohol. wisdom martin, fox 5 news. a navy drone was nearly shot down when it accidentally entered d.c.'s no fly zone last month. the navy says the unmanned helicopter similar to this one wandered into the restricted airspace august 2nd. a senior military official now says the u.s. military almost launched fighter jets, even discussed possibly shooting down the aircraft when operators apparently lost
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contact with it. the drone came within 40 miles of the city before they were able to turn it around and guide it back to its base in southern maryland. to d.c.'s race for mayor now with only five days to go until the primary election, mayor adrian fenty's campaign faces accusations of vote buying. his biggest opponent council chairman vincent gray is calling for an investigation now. two people we spoke with claim a person they thought was representing the fenty campaign offered them jobs if they would vote for fenty. >> they told us we had to vote because that's the application to get the job. >> reporter: you wouldn't get a job until you voted? >> right. >> this is an unspecific allegation. there is -- no one has given us any name of anybody who did this. we do training of all of our people, let them know you cannot exchange anything for votes. >> mayor fenty says there isn't much proof of the allocations pointing out the people making them can't even come up with
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any names. the qur'an burning controversy is becoming a back and forth battle tonight. the florida pastor called off his event to burn the muslim holy books. he apparently thought he'd reached a deal with the muslim leaders in new york to change their plans to build a mosque near ground zero. he was planning to fly to new york to discuss that deal with the imam who is behind that mosque. >> the american people do not want the mosque there and, of course, muslims do not want us to burn the qur'an. the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. >> however, sources close to the imam say there is no agreement to move the muslim cultural center. now pastor terry jones says someone has lied and he is now rethinking his decision to cancel burning the qur'an. a giant raid in maryland. up next we'll show you the drug and guns that cops found in one house.
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plus metro doing a 180 tonight, why the transit system may scrap a plan to slash the price of smart trip cars. and the bad habit that could keep you from starting a family, the health alert in tonight's top five. we'll be back. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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the news edge in maryland tonight where detectives found what they believe are five marijuana plants growing with a combined height of 27 feet, estimated worth more than 10 grand inside a severn home. anne arundel county officers seized four rifles, two shotguns, two handguns and tonight scott andrew agoer in is facing several charges -- wagner is facing several charges. new numbers tonight showing how explosive cyber crime is worldwide. maureen back with your fox 5 top five. >> we begin with fiber crime
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running rampart. no. 5, a new study estimates 65% of computer users worldwide have been victims of some sort of fiber crime. the most common form? malware attacks such as viruses and spyware. no. 4, another reason to quit smoking. german scientists found men who smoke have lower levels of a chemical that can affect male fertility. researchers in denmark found prenatal exposure to cigarette smoke could damage fertility of the developing embryo. no. 3, good news on the roads. the number of traffic deaths hit a 60 year low. the transportation department says 2009's death toll on the nation's roads was just over 33,000. they credit safer vehicles, increased use of seatbelts and tougher drop. no. 2, the d.c. area now under a drought watch. officials are calling on every one to conserve water asking you to limit how much you water your lawn, use a commercial car wash that recycles water and reduce showers to under five minutes. no. 1, metro is getting out the
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word now. expect major service disruptions during the columbus day weekend. there will be free shuttles around the work, and the metro stations will be closed, no blue and orange line service. we've posted info on look under web links. speaking of metro, coming up next, if you ride metro a lot, chances are you have one of these. why the transit system is doing an about face after agreeing to splash the spruce of those smart trip cards. we'll be back. -- price of those smart trip cards. we'll be back. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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[car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive. metro pulling a 180 a few weeks ago, the price of its smart trip cards was supposed
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to go down from five bucks to 2.50. now that apparently won't happen because metro figured out passengers could cheat the system. fox 5's john henrehan explains. >> reporter: every month that goes by more and more people who ride metro rail and metrobus are using the transit system's smart trip cards to pay for their rides. about 75% of rail riders now use smart trip cards and about 60% of bus rides are use them. every single time customers use a smart trip card they get a small discount on their trip and they get bigger discounts if they use a smart trip to transfer between bus and rail or transfer bus to bus. after a series of significant fare hikes earlier this year, metro's board decided to give passengers a break by cutting the cost of the computer trip smart trip cards from $5 to 2.50. the way the computerized fare gate system is currently set up people can enter or exit the system with a zero balance on their smart trip card. the theory is the customer will put more money on his or her
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card later and the system will capture that money, but if smart trip cards drop in price to 2.50, passengers would be able to take long rush hour rail rides. some cost over $5. they could then throw away their cheap smart trip card and be ahead of the game. metro officials estimate that could cost the transit system a million dollars a month in lost revenue. so for the time being the smart trip card price remains at $5 while seven different proposed solutions to the problem are contemplated. one of those solutions would leave the price of smart trip cards at $5. >> i mean $5 is not bad. that's just my opinion. so, you know. >> reporter: do you have one? did you spend the money for one. >> yes, i did. didn't bother me a bit. >> yeah. 2.50 probably ought to do it. that way maybe tourists could get on it, too. and wouldn't be clogging the gates.
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>> reporter: the discussion will resume at a committee meeting next thursday. john henrehan, fox 5 news. today is one of those days where you want to just walk and not get on the train. >> you'll get a lot of energy from this cooler air. >> love the cooler air. >> going to keep going through most of the weekend. >> good. >> we'll be interrupted for some showers and we really need them. no one likes to hear about them on the weekend, but we got to get them when we can because the brushfire danger continues to be high. tonight it's quiet around d.c., beautiful evening and almost chilly in the morning maybe scrambling to find a jacket if your day starts between 6:00 and 8:00 because there will be a begin chill in the air and we thought we would give you a look at how things will be around for the weekend. so we'll get you started with the forecast for the weekend because we have an area of low pressure that's going to move toward us. before then lots of sunshine, high pressure in control, but over the weekend it starts to move away and we're going to see a little bit of that
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moisture from hermine get closer to us and another frontal system, but that doesn't happen until overnight saturday and into sunday. we think we'll have some showers around the first half of sunday. they'll move out quickly, but there could be a rumble of thunder even in the overnight hours between 2:00 and 6:00 in the morning as this thing is going by. we need the rain. that's our headline tonight. 18 days without rain in reagan marshall and this is 0 we're running as a -- national and this is what we're running as a deficit, for a year under by 6 inches or so. it's gotten dry since the middle of august. we're rooting for some rain to get in here and happy it amounts as though it will be gone by the time redskins time comes sunday night. saturday will be pretty decent, 80 degrees. you'll notice increasing clouds in the afternoon, just the high clouds. the rain will hold off. overnight there could be a thunderstorm, a rumble of thunder maybe awakening you saturday night into sunday.
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the showers ending early sunday afternoon. there's a little moisture left from hermine not doing the same kind of damage as in texas and oklahoma where they had a foot of rain in some places and reports of tornadoes, but going through weekend a front with moisture will catch up to that and that will kind of get absorbed into that am is, doesn't get in here for saturday, but -- system, doesn't get in here for saturday. then the showers form into a bit of line with thunderstorms on the other side of mountain at midnight saturday into sunday. we watch for the possibility of a couple showers here sunday at 6:00 in the morning, maybe a rumble of thunder, but look how quickly this keeps going. out of the way by 3:00 and perhaps we even get some sun before the day is over. if you're heading out to watch redskins play dallas, partly cloudy, cool. you'll need a jacket, 73 falling into the 60s before the game is over. kickoff at 8:20. haven't mentioned igor, a tropical storm earlier today, weakened to a depression. it will likely regain hurricane status later in the week.
11:21 pm
we're hoping on this kind of a path. it will eventually make a turn and stay out to sea. five-day forecast time, feast your eyes on these cooler temperatures, the feel of fall, badly needed rain and then next week starts out on a real sweet note as well. so that's weather. dave feldman is talking about redskins and dallas when we come back. this droid has evolved to do even more.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do.
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now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. ime" is when i thougor maybe 8? on level 2. my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint. ♪ my "me time"... [ bang ] is when everybody's takin' shots at me. [ male announcer ] discover you time anytime. mccafé your day with a mcdonald's frappé. smooth and icy caramel or mocha blended just for you and topped with a decadent drizzle. "me time"! [ male announcer ] the simple joy of a frappé. ♪ good evening. i'm dave feldman. you know who was really thrown under the radar during dallas
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week? most of the training camp for that matter. do you get it? it's running back clinton portis, no stranger to the redskins/cowboys rivalry. he spent his first two years in denver, thrived in shanahan's zone blocking scheme. portis turned 29 on september 1st and still feels like a young guy. >> i actually feel younger at this point than i did in a long time. usually coming out of preseason you are beat up two-a-days and your body's tired, but coming into this week i think our whole team feels fresh just flying around. >> the cowboys rivalry is not fresh. it's exciting, but it began over 50 years ago and sunday night will mark the 101st meeting. the way this series plays out goes a long way in determining how washingtonians feel about themselves. lately not good. of the 20 meetings in this millennium the cowboys have won 14. >> it will be good to get a
11:25 pm
victory no matter who we're playing, but i don't think the record last year, the division, has nothing to do with this year. this is a totally different team and organization. the vibe around here is different. >> it's a new redskin era. this is a new team, new regime and show them what we're all about. i know they're going to bring it as well. so fans, stay tuned. >> we will. the redskins named captain donovan mcnabb, offensive captain london fletcher and special teams captain lorenzo alexander. that will change week to week. u.s. open quarterfinals this, guy pumped up for the first all spanish quarterfinal, rafael nadal facing fernando radassco and beats him in straight sets and heads to a third consecutive semifinal at flushing meadow. nadal never has reached a final in new york but a great win for him tonight. first round of the bmw championship as tiger woods who has won here five times, but
11:26 pm
not with three woods like this. his second shot on the par 5 9th uses the grandstand as a back stop. good thing because he saved par because of it on the par 3 12. when he drops the club, not a good sign either. he makes bogey from there, a less than sal lar 2-over 73 -- stellar 2-over 73, nine off the lead. coach k leading the u.s. team against russia. quarterfinals of the world championship, 2nd quarter u.s. up one. kevin durant drives past the defender, two of his game highs 33. now to the 3rd, u.s. up 11. russell westbrook with the steal. u.s. wins 89-79. they'll face lithuania in the semis on saturday. the wizards officially announced today that the team will hold training camp at the patriot center on the george mason campus. training camp begins with a midnight madness september
11:27 pm
28th and will feature player introductions, open practice and prizes. i'm dave feldman. laura is back to wrap up the edge right after this. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand.
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espionage, modeling, a proposed movie deal, now former russian spy anna chapman

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